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Eyes On Impact Podcast: The Future Belongs to Responsible Innovators

Blog October 12, 2023

In September 2023, AVI Systems launched is first podcast endeavor, “Eyes on Impact: The Human Side of Tech.” Each episode of Eyes on Impact features host and CTO of AVI Systems Brad Sousa and his conversation with a technology leader. The crux of these conversations focuses not on the tech, but on how these leaders create human impact at the organization and in the world around them.

In the second episode of Eyes on Impact, Brad Sousa sits down with Atti Riazi, CIO of the multi-billion-dollar global media and tech giant Hearst Corporation. Before joining Hearst, she was the Assistant Secretary General and Chief Information Technology Officer for the United Nations. 

During their conversation, Brad and Atti discussed the importance of considering the long-term impact of your decisions, generative AI and its potential prejudices, the skills today’s students need to learn, and more. They also talked about how the future belongs to responsible innovators.  

Atti thinks that the era of innovating for innovation’s sake has passed. Instead, she recommends that today’s CIOs focus on the user and how you can improve their life through the tech you deliver.  

Part of this is acknowledging that innovation can have a dark side. As such, CIOs need to be part philosophers and futurists to understand the impact of what they do on every aspect of society – not just today but 20 years from now. Then, the goal is to do no harm and to create a future society that is more in harmony. 

You can hear Brad and Atti’s entire conversation on the Eyes on Impact podcast, now available on your favorite listening platform (e.g., Apple, Spotify).  


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