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How Well Does Your Office Collaboration Technology Work? [Quiz]

Business March 23, 2017

Choosing collaboration technology can be fun. Designing workspaces can be fun. Assessing your current collaboration capabilities and evaluating your needs is usually a little less enjoyable.

Everyone has an opinion about how well meetings run, and different teams have different priorities and ideas about what to improve. Making the right decisions about how to design or upgrade your collaboration spaces depends on your needs assessment.

Is your office currently disconnected, somewhat disjointed? What works well and where could you improve your spaces and technology?

Here are some ways you can start evaluating how effective and connected your current workspaces and meeting rooms are:

  • Survey employees. Create a questionnaire to ask them which capabilities matter the most to them and which capabilities they wish they had.
  • Do your research. Check out manufacturer websites and look at product reviews.
  • Talk to professionals at other companies. Ask what updates they’ve made, what they’re happy with, and what they wish they’d done differently.
  • Ask an integrator. Find out about trends and what they suggest for your type of business.

The Goal of Connectivity

In an efficient office, all the systems work together, speaking to each other and even communicating with users. A well-connected office  integrates all aspects of your organization from users to equipment and workspaces.

Once you know where you stand, you can explore what’s possible for technology integration in your office.

Be sure to look into:

  • Calendar and reservations integration
  • Lighting and temperature control
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Equipment monitoring and management
  • Automation and ease of connectivity
  • Technical support

A professional integrator can tell you what other companies are doing in their meeting rooms and help you figure out which solutions will best fit your needs. 


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