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Maximize Your Microsoft Teams Room with MTR Pro Advanced Services

Audiovisual January 18, 2024

Summary: In this post, we summarize the benefits of AVI’s new MTR Pro Advanced Service offering for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

When you have dozens, hundreds (or even thousands) of business-critical Microsoft Teams Rooms, you need a plan for making sure they all function like they are intended to function. Software updates from Microsoft can affect how related tech like displays, cameras, speakers, and soundbars perform. And because most companies don’t have onsite AV support, you risk rooms going offline or call quality being degraded.  

A Quick Caveat: Microsoft Teams vs. Microsoft Teams Rooms

When discussing Microsoft Team Rooms in this article, we're referencing the dedicated physical spaces specifically designed for video conferencing and collaboration. These are all-in-one solutions with certified hardware and software to optimize the Teams experience - such as audio and video equipment, a Teams console, room booking, calendar integration, and more. 

AVI Systems launched its MTR Pro Advanced Service to help Fortune 100 to 1000 level companies address this challenge. This service, designed as an Annual Managed Services agreement, includes proactive monitoring, room optimization, software management, full support, and detailed reporting. It’s a complete end-to-end solution for companies that want to simplify the management of their Microsoft Teams Rooms to ensure their teams can easily collaborate.  

If you’ve been hoping to partner with an industry leader in outsourcing or improving your Microsoft Teams Room management, this article walks you through the key benefits of our solution and addresses the one big hesitation most brands have.

5 Ways AVI’s MTR Pro Advanced Makes Managing Microsoft Teams Rooms Easier    

#1: Proactive Management and Monitoring: MTR Pro Advanced uses automation software and a team of experts to conduct real-time monitoring. If an issue arises, we automatically create a service ticket, assign it to the designated resolver group, and monitor its remediation for you. Our goal is to minimize disruptions so your team can maximize its productivity.  

#2: Room Optimization: Our service goes beyond room management. We can also optimize your meeting spaces to provide the best possible experience. This includes the consideration of technology supported in the room where our experts can deliver real-time updates and patches via remote access. By optimizing your rooms, we ensure efficient and effective collaboration for your teams.  

#3: Software Management and Updates: Managing software updates for multiple MTRs can be time-consuming and challenging. MTR Pro Advanced Services handles all the software management and updates for you. We ensure your MTRs are always running on the latest software versions, which include vital security patches and bug fixes. Ensuring that when an update hits a mission critical room, it will have been fully tested in less critical rooms before deploying across the organization. This eliminates the need for manual updates and reduces the risk of security vulnerabilities.  

#4: Full Support Services: When you choose MTR Pro Advanced Services, you gain access to our dedicated support team. We provide comprehensive support services to troubleshoot issues, answer your questions, provide guidance, and address any concerns quickly. While most services are offered remotely, we can also dispatch one of our experienced technicians onsite if needed.    

#5: Reporting Services: Our service includes detailed and transparent reporting to help you gain insights and make informed decisions. Key metrics and analytics help you understand room usage, performance, trends, etc. This information allows you to make data-driven decisions to improve room utilization and optimize your resources. 


Real-world Example of MTR Pro Advanced in Action

The internal IT team at a Fortune 500 home essentials brand didn’t have the capacity to manage its growing number of Microsoft Teams Rooms. As a result, the rooms weren’t always up to date or running smoothly when employees needed to use them.  

The brand contacted AVI Systems to explore solutions and chose our MTR Pro Advanced service. To ensure visibility across teams, AVI Systems e-bonded with the brand’s ServiceNow platform, becoming an extension of their internal IT team. Now, their 70 conference rooms are automatically monitored around the clock. If an issue is identified, a ticket is automatically sent to AVI where resolution begins within minutes of being received.

Cloud-to-cloud, No Security Access Required

If you’ve ever wished you had an easy button for managing your Microsoft Teams Rooms, you just found it – especially regarding security access.  

AVI Systems, through our Insight monitoring platform, offers comprehensive monitoring solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating with the Microsoft Platform. To make it even more convenient, we have developed a specialized application called AVI Insight MTR Monitor in Microsoft Azure. This app allows Insight to securely authenticate with the Microsoft O365 cloud using modern authentication. 

Our MTR Pro Advanced services are designed with a cloud-to-cloud integration model, ensuring smooth operation. This means everything runs within your own Azure tenant, giving you full control of your environment. It eliminates the need for us to access your portal, use SSL ports, or require Infosec clearance. It's a hassle-free approach that puts you in charge. 

Simplify your Microsoft Teams Room management with AVI Systems   

If you’re a leader in IT, facilities, or on the business side and need a comprehensive Microsoft Teams Room management solution, we’d be happy to provide more background about our expertise.   

As the largest global systems integrator, AVI Systems is a trusted partner for hundreds of mid to enterprise-level companies. Our team has deployed over 35,000 Microsoft Teams Rooms to date and knows what’s required to keep them optimized, up to date, and supporting seamless collaboration.  

Contact us to learn more about our MTR Pro Advanced service. 


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