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Solution Spotlight: Executive Broadcast Studios

Blog February 24, 2023

If you think only Fortune 100 brands need their own onsite broadcast studio, you might want to reconsider! Broadcast studios are a fast-growing solution for many organizations that have prioritized executive communication.  

While we’ve all grown used to Teams and Zoom calls, these platforms have limitations. (Have you ever been delivering a live all-hands call when your neighbor’s dog started barking? Or people in a nearby conference room got extra rowdy?)  

Executives who regularly deliver messages to large audiences need an onsite executive broadcast studio that allows for professional content distribution. For example, do you:

  • Live-stream large virtual events with employees, customers, or shareholders 
  • Conduct media interviews remotely with major news outlets 
  • Produce webinars or deliver online training courses 
  • Deliver keynote addresses at conferences or universities 
  • Join industry panel discussions 
  • Produce branded content for large channels (e.g., podcast, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube)

Imagine having an integrated broadcast studio that simplifies delivering this kind of content. Not only can executives reduce travel costs, but they gain time back on their busy schedules, too. (Let’s face it: travel is a massive productivity killer.) 

What is an Executive Broadcast Studio? 

An executive broadcast studio allows you to produce high-quality audio or video content onsite. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting equipment, as well as other professional tools and features, all designed to make it easy for you to connect with your audience.  

Example use case: Say you have a few locations across the United States. Each year, leaders from each site must deliver content to a large audience. Rather than everyone traveling to a central location, an executive broadcast studio lets you combine offices virtually and quickly deliver the equivalent of a television show to your audience. 

The benefits of an onsite executive broadcast studio 

Collaboration tools like Teams and Zoom are built to help people work together in real-time. But they’re not designed for a one-to-many communication model. With an executive broadcast studio, you’ll have:  

“As great as platforms like Zoom are, they’re just not designed for C-level leaders to use for broadcasting.”

– Craig Frankenstein, Director of AVI’s Digital Media Practice 

  • Creative control: Design a unique experience that matches your brand’s look and feel.  
  • Quality: Enhance your credibility and ensure the audience stays focused on your message with the latest high-quality audiovisual solutions.  

  • Consistency: Deliver one message to your entire audience, regardless of location, time zone, or viewing preference.    
  • Flexibility: Save time and money by using one space for a variety of content production needs – from internal town halls to external marketing events.  
  • Engagement: Create more interactive and engaging experiences for your audience, whether that’s live Q&A sessions, polls, and more.

The features of an onsite executive broadcast studio  

In the past 50 years, we’ve worked with many mid to large-sized brands to implement broadcast studios. While each studio is unique, here are the key things to consider when creating a professional, in-house studio:   

  • Studio Environment: The space should feel inviting and comfortable for those who use it in order to create a great end result. Acoustics and lighting are essential elements that help provide the right production studio environment.   
  • Ownership: Your studio should be properly staffed with operational and technical professionals who can ensure the environment is efficient, organized, and ready for use. With the expectation of use and growing demand for studio time, adequate staffing and planning are requirements.  
  • Quality equipment: Cameras, switching, graphics, teleprompter, audio, and communications are all essential elements in a professional studio. As you choose this equipment, make sure the technical equipment you invest in can deliver the outcomes you expect. To produce great results, don’t purchase a high-quality camera and pair it with inexpensive microphones, for example.
  • Workflow: The content that comes out of the studio can be critical to your business needs and may have a long shelf life. Use experts to develop efficient, organized workflows and plan accordingly to manage each asset that is produced.

Let’s talk numbers. A basic studio with high-quality microphones, cameras, switching, and production value can start under $100,000. The total cost is determined by your use cases, budget, available space, existing infrastructure, and the desired level of production quality and efficiency.   

Is an executive broadcast center right for you? 

The decision of whether to invest in an executive broadcast studio comes down to your answers to a few simple questions: 

  • How often do you have big moments that matter for your brand?  
  • Are you currently showing up the way you want to in those moments?
  • What are those moments worth in terms of brand value if you can ensure a smooth and meaningful experience for your audience? 

If you want to learn more, we welcome the chance to share our next-gen approach to broadcast solutions.  



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