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No CapEx Funding? Subscribe to Fixed-Design Meeting Room Technology

Audiovisual November 16, 2022

In a world of personalized solutions, your first reaction to phrases like “fixed design” or “preconfigured” may be less than favorable. We get it. The emergence of custom AV equipment, with all its cords, cables, and connections neatly hidden in wall and ceiling cavities, looks sleek and polished.

But in our nearly 50 years of designing and installing AV solutions, we recognize not every organization can afford the construction costs associated with traditional AV technology upgrades. Some clients need simple, easy-to-use solutions they can pay for out of their operating expense budget.

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How AVI’s fixed design solution works

We created our Velocity meeting room solution to help companies of every size quickly add work-from-anywhere technology. Velocity includes a wide array of pre-configured options available for subscription.  

The pre-configured design is an excellent option for companies that need to improve their experience but watch their overall budget. Velocity setups include: 

  • Microsoft Windows or Android collaboration systems 
  • Technology enclosure, mounting system, and cable management 
  • Professional display sized for the room

These pre-configured solutions provide cable management that most customers appreciate. Backend components are housed in an elegant technology enclosure, providing ready access for service.

dual-screen-velocity-systemWe use an over-the-floor raceway to contain and disguise signal cables and power cords running to your conference table.  

The result is a modern design that offers a high-end meeting room experience without construction. 

The benefits of a fixed design meeting room solution


Step #1: Select platform 

Choose from the room type you prefer. 

  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Zoom 

Step #2: Select the room size 

We’ve built configurations with just-right acoustics, sightlines, and display options for standard conference room sizes.  

  • Small (up to 5 people) 
  • Medium (up to 10 people) 
  • Large (up to 15 people) 

Step #3: Select from a variety of options 

From dual displays to whiteboard cameras and room scheduling panels – you pick the options right for your space! 

  • Dual display 
  • Room Scheduling 
  • Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) 
  • Whiteboard Camera 
  • Site Survey 
  • Upfront Tenant Assist 
  • Advanced Managed Services

Step #4: Select buy or subscribe

Want to purchase the system outright? You can do that. However, you can also subscribe to keep your month-to-month costs low (and pay for it out of your operating budget). The subscription option requires a one-time activation fee of $1,900/room (single display, paid upon delivery). All subscriptions include advance-parts replacement and remote support. 

Here’s the per-month cost of a Windows-based, single-display subscription: 

  • Small room – $365/mo 
  • Medium room – $395/mo 
  • Large room – $465/mo 

What’s your meeting room technology plan? 

Based on our experience, the organizations that do best with a fixed-design or subscription option like Velocity:   

  • Need to improve the company’s meeting room technology quickly 
  • Don’t have staff to plan or manage the technology 
  • Don’t know how long they will be in their current office space 
  • Don’t have CapEx dollars to fund new construction or build a custom solution 

Velocity is cost-effective and agile. With just a network connection and a power source, you’re ready to go. 

Visit AVI’s online Room Configurator to see if Velocity is right for you.


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