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Is It Time to Refresh Your Workplace Technology?

Business January 12, 2016

After you've sat down for a meeting, it usually goes a few ways. Either it's great, smooth sailing and productive. Or, it's not.

And although technology is the engine behind innovation and productivity in many ways, it can also be a deterrent when it becomes outdated in one way or another. Unfortunately, finding this out often happens during a meeting with your colleagues, your managers, or (hopefully not) the board.

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Maybe it's as simple as a software update. Maybe it's not. Take a look at these 4 meeting room dilemmas. If they're all too familiar, it may be time for a technology refresh.

Dilemma 1. We can’t connect.

This is a classic.

The meeting is about to start when an email arrives informing the organizer that one of the parties can’t connect via the conferencing platform you are using and needs the meeting switched to another platform.

If you have subscriptions to multiple web and video conferencing platforms so you always have a backup option, it’s time for a technology refresh.

Dilemma 2. We can’t share.

This issue is revealed right as the meeting needs to start. The team leader has prepared an amazing presentation on a laptop and everyone is excited for the meeting.

But, after 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to get that content onto the display in the room, enthusiasm has waned. If issues sharing mobile content is delaying meetings, it’s time for a technology refresh.

Dilemma 3. Someone stole our room.

Nothing escalates inter-office tensions like showing up to your meeting only to discover another group believes it’s their meeting room and won’t leave.

Double-booked? Is their meeting running long? Is there another room nearby that is open? If you can’t answer these questions, add room scheduling software to your planning list.

Dilemma 4. There’s just a phone.

There continues to be a gap between room capabilities and user needs. In 2015, Wainhouse Research reported that about 60 percent of individuals would use video conferencing solutions if given the opportunity. Only, at the time, 19 percent of huddle rooms had an actual webcam.

Now, roughly 50 percent of enterprise decision makers plan to deploy more video conferencing solutions in their huddles rooms, according to a 2017 report by Wainhouse Research.

That's in part because rooms that aren’t keeping pace with employee collaboration needs are due for a technology refresh.


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