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Moody Methodist


Since the first Methodist Bible study in Galveston, Texas, in 1837, the people who created what is now Moody Methodist Church have provided spiritual and physical care for the city.

In addition to Bible studies, prayer ministries, missions, and fellowship, Moody Methodist plays a large role in ministering to the sick and assisting those in need following catastrophes like Hurricane Laura. Most recently, the church has played a significant role in the community helping families during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Moody Methodist Church was built in 1962 and construction consists of many hard surfaces throughout the building, including marble floors, walls and columns in addition to wooden pews in a long, narrow, open space that stands nearly four stories tall.

Sound from loudspeakers bounced across the large space creating speech intelligibility issues. While the audio system had been maintained, Barry Hailey, Director of IT and AV Services, knew that new technology could make a speech intelligibility difference.

“We last upgraded the audio system with several column-mounted tower speakers in 2005,” said Hailey. “But even following that improvement, a great deal of ambient noise still existed. Our church centerpiece is a large Schantz pipe organ with 6,583 pipes. Adjusting audio between the organ and presenters required a lot of tweaking and church attendees still struggled to understand parts of the service.”

THE SOLUTIONMoody Methodist | AVI Systems

Hailey turned to AVI Systems to develop a new audio solution to dramatically improve the listening experience of church goers.

“After evaluating the space and talking with Barry about the issues he was having with the old system, I immediately thought of Bose,” said Mark Warren, Account Manager at AVI Systems. “The Bose Professional Panaray MSA12X self-powered, digital beam-steering loudspeaker was an ideal solution for Moody Methodist Church. This particular loudspeaker delivers wide horizontal coverage unlike most traditional speakers.”

AVI also recommended updating the church’s audio system processor with a new Bose ControlSpace EX digital signal processor to deliver high-quality sound system control. The entire system is managed using a new Android touch panel to enable operators to easily adjust the system when needed.


The Bose Panaray MSA12x loudspeakers are wall-mounted – three modules on each side of the sanctuary at the front of the church. With this placement, audio from the pipe organ as well as those who speak from microphones is directed across the entire space.

Panaray MSA12X Bose Professional | AVI Systems

“The installation was an immediate improvement to the sound,” said Hailey. “Now everyone can hear the various components of the church service, from the sermon, to the music. Our older parishioners are especially pleased with the new audio system because they no longer struggle to understand what’s going on.”

“This was a terrific outcome,” added Warren. “Managing audio in large open spaces is always complex, but with the right plan and the right products, we were able to enhance the worship experience for all who attend Moody Methodist Church services.” 


  • 6 Panaray MSA12x Digital Beam-Steering Loudspeakers (white) 
  • 1 ControlSpace EX-1280 Processor 
  • 1 MIMO 7-inch Android Touch Panel 
  • 1 MIMO 7-inch Touch Panel J-Box


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