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WellPower Solves Meeting Room Tech Challenges with Subscription-Based Velocity

Since 1989, WellPower has provided mental health and recovery services to the greater Denver area. Throughout this time, they have continued to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of their communities. WellPower has also gained a national reputation as a model for innovation and effective community behavioral health care. 

Today, WellPower’s nearly 1,000 staff serve more than 20,000 people annually across 33 locations, and they’ve been named a Top Workplace by the Denver Post 11 years in a row. 


The Challenge

 Like many organizations, WellPower’s team found themselves suddenly working from home during the pandemic. As time passed, some staff returned to the office while others continued to work remotely. 

This new hybrid reality quickly revealed that WellPower needed a meeting room solution to ensure remote team members could still fully participate in meetings and training sessions. 

“Having a really good way to communicate with one another was essential to keeping our team building and morale at optimal levels. So, we knew that relying on people’s laptop cameras to broadcast an important meeting wasn’t a long-term solution,” said Chris Walker, IT Director at WellPower.  

The Solution

welpower-and-velocity-case-study-image-1Weston recommended that WellPower replace its existing, limited capability projectors and screens with AVI’s pre-configured meeting room solution called Velocity (to visit the AVI Online Room Configurator, click here). Designed for speed and adaptability, Velocity works well for customers with budget, time, or space constraints.

“Velocity was a great fit for WellPower because it’s available as a monthly subscription and has a variety of options available based on your needs and space configurations. Given the range of facilities where WellPower operates, this was key,” said Weston. 

Walker started by piloting Velocity within the IT group at WellPower’s primary location. Not long after, other sites began asking for the solution as well. To date, WellPower has implemented 16 Velocity Classic rooms across their facilities. 

welpower-and-velocity-case-study-image-2In addition, WellPower purchased several custom solutions for critical spaces, such as their Boardroom. 

“Throughout the project, we had great communication with AVI. We even added Leah to our internal project management software and met weekly to review where everything was at,” said Walker. “As a result, the entire process ran smoothly, and I’ve already recommended AVI and Velocity to other companies.”

The Results & Human Impact

When we checked back in with WellPower to see how it’s going, they highlighted several benefits of using Velocity. Here’s an overview:

  • Velocity enables our ability to work remotely — it’s allowed the WellPower team to work from anywhere and have a much better experience than they would by phone or on individual computers. Of course, being physically present is the best option. But Walker calls Velocity the next best thing to being there.
  • Velocity provides a consistent experience — although each of WellPower’s buildings and rooms differ, the Velocity user experience is consistent. This not only makes it easier for employees who work in multiple facilities, but it’s also more streamlined for their internal IT team to support. 

“Velocity has been a great audiovisual solution technology for us. All you have to do is invite the room to your meeting and touch the pad to join. Then, as soon as someone starts talking, the camera automatically pans over to focus on him or her,” said Walker.


  • Velocity offers set infrastructure requirements — this makes Velocity easy to install and there is minimal disruption during implementation. This was an important consideration given the nature of WellPower’s business.
  • Velocity makes it easier to budget — the monthly subscription expense was easier to absorb within WellPower’s budget. In addition, the WellPower accounting team appreciates the predictable monthly expense and the option to avoid a significant capital expense. 

“I think AVI Systems had the right idea at exactly the right time. Velocity really satisfies a need in the marketplace, and we love it,” said Walker. 

Technology Partners

Here are a few of the technology partners we worked with:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Logitech
  • Sony
  • Legrand AV
  • Crestron
  • Sennheiser
  • WSC
  • LG
  • Vaddio
  • QSC

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