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AVI and Huddly Improving Innovative Collaboration Solutions

Complete Room Solutions from Huddly!

Together with industry partners, Huddly provides complete meeting room solutions that deliver the same great video experience in any space.


Huddly L1: For large and medium spaces
Huddly IQ: For small, huddle, and medium spaces
Huddly Canvas: Whiteboard content camera
Huddly Crew

Huddly L1: For large and medium spaces

Model Number: 7090043790672

Huddly L1 captures everyone in sharp detail with a 6K sensor and a fixed-focus lens. The camera intelligently frames participants and conversations. It offers valuable insights with room analytics. The setup is reliable and flexible with a single Ethernet cable. With the addition of Speaker Framing, the camera intelligently frames the conversation to enable natural communication on video. While focusing on the person speaking, also brings attention to listener reactions and events in the room.

Huddly IQ: For small, huddle, and medium spaces

Model Number: 7090043790580

Huddly IQ combines a high-resolution 4K image sensor and a 150° wide-angle lens, capturing even those who are sitting closest to the camera in crisp clear detail. Huddly IQ is USB-powered and compatible with any platform, making it ideal for flexible collaboration, BYOD, and fixed installations. Huddly IQ is certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. New release: Gallery View, featuring a split view layout framing participants, making it easier to pick up on non-verbal cues.

Huddly Canvas: Whiteboard content camera

Model Number: 7090043790160

Huddly Canvas makes it easy to bring whiteboards into video meetings. With a single click, you can share a real-time stream of the board. Using AI technology on the camera, Canvas optimizes the whiteboard image by removing gloss and shadows and enhancing marker colors.

Huddly Crew

Model Number: 7090043790894

Huddly® Crew™, the world’s first AI directed multi-camera system, brings TV and movie magic to your video meetings. Three 6K network cameras create an immersive view, fostering close connections between participants. Powered by Huddly® Director™, the system performs smart, real-time edits, seamlessly transitioning between different shots and angles to offer an engaging and effective experience.

Model Number:


Huddly L1: The smart camera for large meeting rooms

Huddly L1 is an AI collaboration camera that delivers smart user experiences in large and medium meeting rooms. Designed to make video meetings inclusive and productive for the whole team, it provides instant, responsive framing and Full-HD video of everyone in the room. Huddly L1 is compact and unobtrusive, with no moving mechanical parts. 

Western Union and Huddly: Customer case study

"Huddly right now is our go-to camera for any new meeting rooms that we roll out throughout the company and we're looking to expand to all of our offices worldwide," says Tom Oriel, IT Manager of Messaging and AV at Western Union. They are using Huddly IQ with Crestron, Avocor, and Zoom technology for a perfect video conferencing experience.

Huddly Canvas - Whiteboard camera enhanced by AI

The world’s first and only AI-powered whiteboard camera. Makes it easy to use whiteboards in video meetings, with intelligent content enhancement, Teams Rooms, and Zoom Rooms integration & USB connectivity.

Huddly Director on Huddly Crew, in a large room

Huddly® Director™ delivers professionally produced video meetings with a focus on engagement and communication—available for small to large spaces on Huddly S1, L1, and Huddly® Crew™. Discover how we're challenging the conventions of video conferencing to solve meeting equity and inclusion once and for all.


Huddly + Barco
Huddly + Crestron
Huddly + Shure

Huddly + Barco

Huddly Intelligent Cameras and Barco ClickShare Conference join forces to help you create engaging hybrid meetings. Connect with the remote workforce from any huddle, small or medium meeting space. Use the videoconferencing solution you prefer and connect wirelessly with ClickShare Conference to the Huddly IQ or Huddly GO to enjoy a great video experience both in-room and remote. Plug-and-play solutions that are easy to set up and simple to use, tailored to your meeting room size and needs.

Huddly + Crestron

Huddly's smart cameras, a feature in Crestron Flex solutions for rooms of all sizes, ensure an immersive and equitable meeting experience for all. The Flex Tabletop and Mini Tabletop devices feature smart, high-quality video powered by Huddly and built-in quad microphones so everyone can be heard and seen. Flex Soundbars bring out the best in every meeting. Adaptive beamforming technology precisely picks up whoever’s speaking and Huddly IQ intelligently frames everyone in the room.

Huddly + Shure

The Shure Audio Ecosystem for Conferencing integrates seamlessly with the premium, wide-angle video capture from Huddly for a productive collaboration experience with intuitive operation. Shure solutions let you hear and speak freely -- from the boardroom to the classroom. With product lines that are straightforward to set up, user-friendly, and built to last, Shure's innovative, complete ecosystems allow you to make the most of every meeting.


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Huddly's Product Portfolio

Huddly's product portfolio. Our cameras are built to last; designed to withstand continuous, rigorous use in meeting rooms, Huddly cameras stand the test of time. Huddly cameras keep getting smarter and more collaborative with regular software updates. With industry-leading AI, software, and hardware expertise, we are at the forefront of technology.
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