For companies that rely on technology to advance their vision, AVI provides seamless, secure AV solutions that enable business strategies across geographies and infrastructure.

Enterprise-level businesses like Sandia, Boston Scientific, and Mayo need more from their AV technology. The stakes are higher, expectations greater, and the sheer volume of communication incomparably larger. To meet the needs of large, multi-location companies, our Enterprise Technology Division brings together all the resources, expertise and ingenuity of AVI in a unique business practice model with a single purpose: to align our technology with your vision and corporate culture.

From tailored account support to enterprise-class PRO Support, AVI makes the process of adopting AV technology as efficient and flexible as the solutions themselves. In fact, a key deliverable of the Enterprise Technology Group’s Business Practice Model is a strategic plan that can be executed in a phased approach based on your evolving needs.

Our approach to enterprise technology solutions is unique to each client. The results we achieve are unique to AVI.


"AVI exceeded my expectations on this project."

Russ Tiensvold - Pennington County, South Dakota

"I am so glad [that AVI] worked on this project. We are looking forward to a continued business relationship."

Mark Dines - Parkview Christian Church

"AVI did an exceptional job and worked with my schedule to complete the work."

Tom Magee - United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

"AVI did a great job stepping up and working through the television distribution gap that we found late into the project, even though it wasn’t within the original scope."

Shawn Watkins - TD Ameritrade

"I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism. [AVI] rocks and I am looking forward to more projects together."

Dan Ayers - University of Central Missouri

"[AVI was] awesome to work with."

Nigel Woodbury - City of Lee's Summit

"The project was well managed and, as the end user, I feel knowledgeable about the product and its use."

Amy Lingbeck - Midcontinent Communications

"We’ve been pleased and impressed with all our AVI experiences. I really appreciate how good AVI is at every element of an engagement."

Chris Jensen - Children’s Hospital and Health System

"AVI did a great job stepping up and working through the television distribution gap that we found late into the project, even though it wasn’t within the original scope."

Shawn Watkins - TD Ameritrade

"I really can’t say enough good things about the installers and the programmers. They were all prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful. They finished with time to spare and answered my many questions to my satisfaction."

Michael Davison - US Court of Appeals – Cincinnati, OH

"[AVI] did a great job working with me on this project. Everyone really stepped up and added something to this."

Scott Finkhouse - Corvac Companies

"AVI actually gave us a better solution than we had originally thought of. They were great because we had to push the install date up and they made it happen."

Scott Effertz - Benilde St. Margaret’s School

"Excellent project from top to bottom. You have great folks working for you."

Matt Mallory - BrownWinick Attorneys At Law

"I really appreciate AVI going the extra mile to ensure the Union got technical assistance quickly on the opening weekend of Legally Blonde. It means a great deal to them and to us to know that AVI has our back when we get in a bind."

Julie Grove - Architect/Project Manager at University of Wisconsin - Madison

"All our projects have gone seamlessly. All areas – proposals, construction documents, installation and training – have been on time and on budget. And the support after the project is just as good."

Mike Plunkett - Dave and Busters

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Account Support Design Deployment PRO Support

Account Support
The Enterprise Technology Group aligns resources, expertise, leadership and personnel between AVI and the enterprise organization to streamline access, speed response time, and ensure efficient project implementation. Comprised of both AVI and client staff, a team is formed not only to address project requirements, location and resource demands, but also to ensure the work conforms to all cultural and strategic requirements.

Design, Roadmaps and Architectural Design Reports
Highly complex projects require detailed strategic planning and demand a method of design development completely different from the typical AV method of reviewing technologies or space requirements. The Enterprise Business Practice Model employs a multi-phased process that begins with several roadmaps and ends with a detailed Architectural Design Report (ADR). The ADR defines specific use cases, user groups, technologies, policies and practices to ensure successful deployment of the solution and universal adoption by the organization’s workforce.

Within the Architectural Design Report is a detailed methodology for the process of migrating from design to production. The ADR provides the technical architecture, policies and requirements definitions; and applies these to a regimented visual technologies process that creates a Proof of Concept, Pilot and Production deployment practice. The objective of deployment is to work through technical issues, user experiences, help-desk preparation and policies needed to ensure reliability and interoperability between visual technologies and other technologies. Our deployment methods improve performance, increase reliability and result in better alignment between user expectations and the capabilities of the systems/applications deployed.

PRO Support
AVI PRO Support leads the industry, and the Enterprise Technology Division takes it to a whole new level with a customer Tier 1-4 PRO Support model that ensures the reliable performance of our AV solutions regardless of location. Often including a helpdesk, onsite service and technical support, as well as systemic support and design review, the Tier model increases reliability, corrects user errors and technical issues immediately, improves adaptation of the new technology into the user’s workflow, and provides meaningful analytics across the enterprise.