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5 Ways to Transform the Workplace with New AV Technology

Audiovisual November 27, 2023

If the last few years have taught us anything, having the right technology solutions in place is essential for an organization's success. One of the most significant shifts was the widespread adoption of audiovisual (AV) and unified collaboration (UC) solutions to transform communication and collaboration. But that’s not all AV can do for your enterprise workplace.  

Today, a range of cutting-edge AV technologies can create immersive experiences, facilitate seamless communication, and empower your teams to achieve their full potential. As an IT leader, understanding the potential of these solutions can help you make informed decisions and strategic investments to achieve your organization’s goals.

Experience Centers: Immersive Storytelling for Brand Impact

Experience or innovation centers make it easy to showcase your brand's story in an immersive and engaging manner. Imagine your customers interacting with your products and services in a captivating environment, gaining a deeper understanding of your brand's values and innovations. From small to large, experience centers increase the likelihood that potential customers will decide to do business with your brand.

Investment range: $100,000 to $1 million-plus

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Executive Broadcast Studios: Amplifying Your Message with High-Quality Content

State-of-the-art executive broadcast studios allow you to produce high-quality video or live-stream content that genuinely connects with your internal and external audiences. From training videos and company announcements to media interviews and podcasts, these studios enable busy C-suite leaders to deliver their messages with polish, clarity, and impact.

Investment range: $250,000 to $1 million

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Video Walls: Commanding Attention and Enhancing Visual Communication

av-to-transform-the-workplace-image-1Video walls can transform a space into a powerful tool for enhancing communication and collaboration. For example, imagine your team gathered around a video wall, visualizing complex data sets, presenting ideas, and brainstorming solutions. The visual impact of these displays' fosters engagement, promotes understanding, and accelerates decision-making.

Investment range: $50,000 to $500,000-plus

AVI Case Study: Pohlad Companies Future Proofs the Hybrid Workspace

High-Impact Boardrooms: Impressing Clients and Inspiring Employees

Boardrooms are the heart of crucial discussions and strategic decisions. By incorporating cutting-edge AV solutions into your board rooms, you create an environment that inspires innovation and leaves a lasting impression on your clients. From interactive presentations to seamless video conferencing, these solutions elevate the boardroom experience, fostering collaboration and driving success.  

Investment range: $500,000 to $1 million-plus

XR Experiences: Unleashing the Power of Immersive Technologies

Extended reality (XR) experiences (encompassing virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) are revolutionizing how we interact with the world around us. As an IT leader, exploring the potential of XR technologies can open up new frontiers for training, education, and product development. For example, imagine your employees immersed in virtual training simulations, your customers interacting with augmented product demos, or your teams collaborating across geographical boundaries in a shared mixed-reality environment.

Investment range: $50,000 and $500,000-plus

AVI Systems: Your Trusted Partner for AV Innovation

AVI Systems is a global audiovisual and unified collaboration service provider with a long history of delivering innovative AV solutions. Our team of experts works closely with CTOs, CIOs and other IT and business unit leaders to address the most significant challenges organizations face today, including:

  • Enhancing communication and collaboration
  • Boosting productivity and efficiency
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Creating immersive customer experiences
  • Strengthening brand image and reputation
  • Gaining a competitive edge in your industry
  • Accelerating decision making  

Guided by our four-step Proven Process, we deliver outcomes that exceed expectations and ensure our customers get the most out of their investment. If you’re ready to transform your organization's AV landscape, contact AVI Systems today.


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