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AV Solutions for High Impact Spaces: A Guide for Enterprise

Summary: This is the first in a series of posts highlighting how to create high-impact spaces to engage your audience in memorable ways, no matter your industry.   

It’s been 30 years since the earliest examples of digital experiences began to show up in our lives. Then, it was modest digital signage in retail stores. Today, after more than two decades of innovation, you’ll find digital experiences in nearly every public and private space as businesses and institutions try to engage their audiences in memorable and high-impact ways.  

This guide explores the range of cutting-edge solutions that can elevate spaces within an enterprise – from building lobbies and atriums, meeting rooms and multi-use spaces, customer experience centers, auditoriums, and more.  


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Lobbies and atriums  

Many brands treat their physical spaces as part of their brand experience and use their lobbies or atriums to create a lasting impression on visitors and employees.

Here are several ways AV solutions can transform these spaces into immersive environments: 

  • Video walls and digital art installations: Use dynamic visuals to showcase your brand's identity, accomplishments, and values. 

  • Interactive kiosks: Offer wayfinding assistance, company information, and personalized visitor experiences. 

  • Ambient audio systems: Create a welcoming atmosphere with tailored background music and soundscaping. 

Spotlight: Pohlad Companies creates a space for employees to gather 

Meeting and multi-use spaces 

In today's dynamic corporate environments, meeting spaces and multi-use areas such as cafeterias often serve to accommodate a variety of functions, including all-hand meetings, presentations, and informal gatherings. Audiovisual solutions can enhance these spaces to support your diverse needs.  

  • Flexible audio systems: Ensure crystal-clear sound quality for presentations, announcements, and background music. 
  • Mobile video displays: Facilitate presentations and video conferencing with easily reconfigurable screens and projectors. 
  • Room automation: Streamline room control with automated lighting, shades, and AV equipment management for seamless transitions between uses.

Customer experience centers 

Customer experience centers are designed to showcase a company's products and services, engage with clients, and foster lasting relationships. These spaces showcase your product or service in a highly differentiated way, making it easier for you to turn prospects into customers.  

  • Interactive displays and touchscreens: Engage visitors and encourage hands-on exploration of your products and services. 
  • Digital signage: Display eye-catching visuals and targeted messaging to inform and inspire your audience. 
  • Video conferencing: Connect with remote clients and team members for seamless collaboration and communication. 

Case study: See how Emerson Automated Solutions created a wow-worthy customer experience 


Some organizations have campuses complete with auditoriums used for all-employee meetings and other large-group functions. High-impact AV solutions can enhance the functionality and user experience of these spaces, improving communication and engagement. 

  • Advanced lighting systems: Lighting sets the mood and directs attention. Dimmable LED lighting and spotlights can be programmed to change based on the event or presentation taking place. 
  • Projectors and large displays: High-definition projectors and large screens ensure that visuals are clear and visible from every angle.  
  • High-quality sound systems: Surround sound speakers and wireless microphones ensure that everyone in the auditorium can hear clearly, regardless of their location. 
  • Sound dampening: Acoustic panels and sound-dampening materials can minimize echo and background noise, improving the overall sound quality within the auditorium.  
  • Live streaming capabilities: Allows events or meetings to be broadcast in real-time to remote audiences, enhancing inclusivity and reach. 
  • Wi-Fi enhancement: A strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal is essential for presentations and for the audience to stay connected, particularly during interactive sessions where audience participation is encouraged through digital platforms. 

Executive broadcast studios 

For organizations that frequently communicate with large remote teams or the public, an executive broadcast studio can be a game-changer. Here, high-quality AV solutions ensure professional, effective broadcasts.

  • Professional lighting: Proper lighting ensures that speakers are clearly visible and that broadcasts have a professional look and feel. 
  • Broadcast quality cameras: High-definition, broadcast-quality cameras capture detailed video for live streams or recorded content. 
  • Soundproofing: Soundproofing prevents echo and reduces background noise, ensuring clear audio quality. 
  • Broadcast software: Professional broadcasting software allows the mixing of multiple audio and video sources, the addition of graphics, and live streaming to multiple platforms. 

Stay tuned for more high-impact AV use cases 

Watch the AVI blog for the next post in our series about creating high-impact spaces with modern AV solutions, including:  

  • K-12 and higher education 
  • Government 
  • Healthcare 
  • Sports/Entertainment/Retail 

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