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Eyes On Impact Podcast: Rethinking the Modern Workplace

Blog October 20, 2023

In September 2023, AVI Systems launched is first podcast endeavor, “Eyes on Impact: The Human Side of Tech.” Each episode of Eyes on Impact features host and CTO of AVI Systems Brad Sousa and his conversation with a technology leader. The crux of these conversations focuses not on the tech, but on how these leaders create human impact at the organization and in the world around them.

In the fourth episode of Eyes on Impact, Brad Sousa sits down with Kay Sargent, the director of HOK’s global Workplace practice. Kay is passionate about using design to transform how and where people work and spends her days working with clients on workplace strategy and design. 

During their conversation, Brad and Kay tackled the complex topic of returning to work. They covered everything from how work is becoming an ecosystem of spaces to designing an office that’s commute-worthy to how employers need to rethink the modern workplace.  

Kay believes companies need to give employees something they cannot get at home – movement, access to individuals, amenities, services, training, fantastic technology, energy, buzz, or connection to the culture. Employees want the sense that they belong to something bigger or more important, and companies need to connect with that. 

Companies also need to consider whether their spaces are fit for purpose. This starts with understanding what people are doing and what their workstyles are. Then, once you deeply understand this, you can design spaces that support them to accomplish those things.  

You can listen to Brad and Kay’s entire conversation on the Eyes on Impact podcast, now available on your favorite listening platform (e.g., Apple, Spotify).


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