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Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay

Audiovisual August 18, 2021

2 ways to enhance the remote worker experience

For a few weeks, it almost felt like things were returning to normal. Then came the Delta variant. Now, companies of every size are taking a new look at their return-to-office plans.

But is the idea of return-to-office the end goal?

Based on what we’ve observed at Fortune 1000 clients, it’s clear the hybrid workplace is here to stay. In fact, Minnesota-based 3M recently announced a new hybrid work model they call "Work Your Way," designed to give employees more flexibility to work where they're most effective. So, while you continue to make plans for return-to-office, it’s equally important to plan for a work shift that will last well beyond the pandemic.

Following are two ways you can enhance the remote worker experience for the long term.

Stop looking for that one perfect platform or solution

Most IT leaders look for exact solutions that meet specific use cases and fulfill precise requirements. Yet, when it comes to unified collaboration tools, those days are likely over. There is no one perfect platform or solution anymore. Instead, you need several solutions as part of a remote work ecosystem.

Unfortunately, many systems integrators are not prepared for a hybrid-only approach. They’ve built their business around one platform, provider, or a single, one-size-fits-all solution.

Instead, look for a technology partner that:

  1. Offers pre-configured meeting room solutions for when speed to implementation is your most important consideration.
  1. Collaborates with IT leaders to understand the outcomes you need to achieve. Systems integrators should use a methodical approach that aligns with ITIL, ITSM, and agile models to build a visual collaboration ecosystem that delivers on your outcomes.

The solutions available from AVI have flexibility and interoperability because we know people work on a variety of platforms. And to help your team make an impact, we design solutions to support and enhance a virtual, onsite, or hybrid work experience.

Make sure employees can click to get whatever they need

There’s another pandemic-related workplace shift that IT leaders must be ready for. We call it click-to-get and it’s central to nearly every task that employees complete throughout their workdays:

  • Need a document? Search > Click > Open
  • Need to call someone? Open > Search > Click
  • Need to join a meeting? Open > Click to join

775-X-436-Click-To-blog-graphicThe idea of click-to-get can play out in so many scenarios that it’s now central to long-term business success. This trend was already in motion pre-Covid. Then, when millions of employees started working remotely overnight, the trend took a broader, deeper hold.

“Were we able to find documents online before the pandemic? Sure. What’s changed is the workflow and how the pandemic fast-tracked it,” says Brad Sousa, Chief Technology Officer at AVI Systems. “When employees lost the advantage of walking over to a colleague’s office, they learned new ways to be productive. It’s no longer human dependent – it’s a human contributor.”

Many employees are also in back-to-back meetings with few opportunities to ask for the timely help. The result? They learned to self-serve. When people can connect through a virtual meeting, the work is further along, and the time is more purposeful.

Use this time to prepare

It’s clear there’s no firm end date for the pandemic-related challenges we face. And there’s no doubt the hybrid workforce is here to stay. Your employees are and will continue to work from a variety of locations, using numerous platforms.

Rather than fight this shift, embrace it. Take a fresh look at your plans and ensure you’re ready to operate in this new normal and deliver an enhanced hybrid experience. We can help.


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