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AV Solutions for High-Impact Spaces: A Guide for Retail and Entertainment

Entertainment October 19, 2023

Summary: This is the fifth in a series of posts highlighting how to create high-impact spaces in any industry.   

While most industries have undergone digital evolution over the last two decades, perhaps no other industry has seen more transformative change than retail, entertainment, and sports.  

This transformation is closely linked to rapid technological advances, of course, but changing consumer preferences have also played a significant role.  

Today, retail, entertainment, and sports facilities are integrating high-impact AV solutions to enhance their physical spaces and deliver more memorable human experiences.  

As innovations continue to emerge, the boundaries of what’s possible will keep expanding. This signals a future where every store, theater, or stadium visit could deliver a unique, engaging, and thoroughly immersive experience. Let’s take a closer look at each of these spaces. 

Retail Environments

In an era of digital shopping, brick-and-mortar retail spaces embrace AV solutions to create dynamic in-store experiences that captivate customers and drive traffic. But they’re not stopping there. High-end and destination retailers are also going all in on AV to deliver a differentiated customer experience, including immersive environments.

  • Interactive displays and kiosks allow customers to browse product catalogs, check item availability, or even visualize how a particular product might look on them (e.g., virtual try-ons for glasses or clothing).
  • Digital signage can be used for advertising, promoting in-store offers, or even wayfinding in larger retail outlets. Digital signage can also become a revenue-generating tool for stores and retail outlets.
  • Ambient audio systems enhance the shopping environment with curated playlists or even spatial audio experiences in select zones.
  • Augmented reality shopping offers interactive experiences, allowing users to visualize products in real-world environments before purchasing. 


Image Credit: Samsung 

One of the key benefits for retailers that use these digital tools is the ability to track and analyze what’s happening in their space. Some retailers are turning to data and AI to learn more about customer demographics and how customers use digital solutions to navigate through their brick-and-mortar locations. This helps retailers deliver a better customer experience and create special offers based on what’s happening in real time.

Entertainment Venues

From movie theaters to concert halls, the entertainment industry thrives on delivering top-notch experiences to its audiences. And in many of today’s most popular venues, the AV technology isn’t just part of the experience – it takes center stage.

  • Cinema projection systems transform movie-watching into an immersive experience by coupling high-definition visuals with surround sound systems.
  • Live performance audio systems ensure clear, impactful audio reaches every corner of large venues such as concert halls and theatres.  
  • Interactive exhibits/experiences help venues like science centers or museums create engaging, educational experiences or interactive games, including AR/VR.
  • Digital art installations can incorporate dynamic visuals and sound, and these installations are often found in modern museums, galleries, or even public spaces. 

av-solutions-a-guide-for-entertainment-image-2Image Credit: Texas Live!

Real-World Example: Texas Live!

Today’s most enthusiastic sports fans want something more than watching the game on their basement big screen. They want to have an experience when their team takes the field – even if they can’t be there live. 

AVI is proud to call Texas Live! one of our clients. This unique attraction combines entertainment, restaurants, and accommodations into one exciting destination. Their Live! Arena is a multilevel sports bar and gathering space with a 100-foot Absen LED Video Wall. The space serves as the Texas Live! living room and creates an unforgettable fan experience. 

Sports Facilities

When entertainment venues pull out all the stops for game day, you better believe that sports teams will do the same for their fans who make the investment to attend live. And it’s the thrill of live sports where AV integration can truly magnify the experience – especially when it includes an opportunity for fans to interact with the game.

Image Credit: Recent AVI implementation of hockey arena signage
  • Giant LED scoreboards can display scores and show instant replays and close-ups, ensuring fans don't miss a moment of the action.
  • Stadium sound systems deliver clear audio throughout expansive spaces, whether that’s sports commentary, crowd chants, or entrance music.  
  • Interactive fan zones use touchscreens and AR/VR systems for fans to engage with team histories and player statistics or even play simulated games.
  • Concession signage/kiosks can elevate the experience for fans and offer them a variety of ways to get what they need.  
  • Broadcast and streaming facilities use high-definition cameras and sound systems to capture every detail, ensuring viewers at home receive a near-live experience.
  • Interactive whiteboards and touchscreens can be used in practice and coaching facilities to draw out plays, demonstrate strategies, or annotate gameplay videos.
  • Locker room digital signage helps coaches share news and information, celebrate their team’s successes, and create a dynamic experience for athletes. 

AVI Case Study: Clemson Tigers Give Locker Room a Digital Makeover

Esports Arenas

Since we’re talking about sports, we’d be remiss not to mention eSports. The sport is gaining traction worldwide, and schools at every level are embracing it as a sport for student engagement and an area of academic study. At the heart of any esports program is a thoughtfully designed esports arena that’s packed with AV technology:

  • High-definition displays can range from large LED video walls for spectators to high-refresh-rate monitors for the players, ensuring crystal clear visuals and real-time response during gameplay.  
  • RGB LED lighting systems can adapt to different games, teams, and events, enhancing the atmosphere in the arena.  
  • Advanced sound systems provide immersive audio experiences for players and spectators, making gameplay more thrilling and engaging.  
  • Live-streaming capabilities are a crucial element of esports that allows matches to be broadcast in real-time to audiences worldwide, expanding your esports program's visibility and reach.

“Esports is one of those applications that brings together the best of the AV industry – it’s front-of-house media and audio, live events production, broadcast and streaming, high-speed computing, and high-speed media networks all rolled together. All these AV disciplines must be integrated together. And that’s what makes companies like AVI Systems an essential partner for collegiate esports programs.”

– Brad Sousa, CIO, AVI Systems

AVI Case Study: Faulkner University Wins Big with New Esports Arena

Stay Tuned for the Final Post in our High-Impact AV Series

The final post in our high-impact AV series will feature solutions for utility companies. If you want to catch up on other posts in this series, here’s an overview of what we’ve covered so far:

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