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AV Solutions for High Impact Spaces: A Guide for Control Centers

Audiovisual December 13, 2023

Summary: This is the final post in a series highlighting how to create high-impact spaces in any industry. This article focuses on command and control room AV. 

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Historically, command and control centers relied heavily on radio communication, static maps, and manual logging. As technology advanced, it became more commonplace to integrate computer systems and digital displays. Today, the potential for AV technology in these spaces is groundbreaking, offering dynamic, real-time data visualization, seamless communication, and immersive training experiences.

AVI Case Study: Austin Energy Updates Video Wall on Tight Budget & Timeline   

Command and Control Centers 

Industries from healthcare systems, utilities, and transportation to real-time crime centers and security operations recognize the importance of 24/7/365 monitoring, data-driven decision-making, and efficient communication. High-impact audiovisual solutions empower all of these industries to operate efficiently, respond swiftly, and stay ahead of challenges.

  • Interactive video walls provide a common operating picture and create a more precise view of your overall operation. This allows your teams to monitor multiple data streams simultaneously. In addition, touchscreen capabilities enable real-time interaction, annotations, and deep dives into specific data points. 
  • High-quality audio systems and advanced acoustics ensure crystal-clear voice transmission. This can include advanced microphones, speakers, and sound processing equipment that eliminate background noise, reduce echo, and enhance speech clarity. It can also include audible alarms that trigger additional senses for human response.  
  • High-definition video conferencing facilitates collaborative decision-making, even across vast distances. 
  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) create immersive training scenarios, from crisis simulations in healthcare to outage scenarios for utilities. This allows staff to practice responses in a controlled environment, ensuring preparedness for real-world challenges. 
  • Real-time data integration links AV systems with real-time data sources, such as patient monitoring in hospitals or grid monitoring in utilities, to ensure timely response to emerging situations. 
  • Unified control interfaces allow operators to manage multiple AV inputs and outputs, streamlining operations.

AVI Case Study: Renown Health Stands Up Regional Transfer and Operations Center (video tour)

Beyond the Control Room

While the control room remains the nerve center, high-impact AV solutions are just as crucial in a wide range of spaces that support the control center’s goals, including:

  • Emergency operation centers serve as overflow/emergency response spaces for management teams and other stakeholders.  
  • Digital signage and wayfinding help staff and visitors navigate to various departments or sections efficiently. 
  • Collaborative workspaces offer space for teams to huddle and can be equipped with video conferencing tools and digital whiteboards for brainstorming. 
  • Event spaces for large meetings or press events ensure high-quality audio and visuals for essential presentations. 

AVI Case Study: Evergy Replaces Wall Monitor Display in its Transmission Control Center

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Your Trusted AV Partner for High-Impact Spaces

Are you looking for a trusted partner to future-proof your control center operation and enhance your teams’ capabilities? We’re AVI Systems, the largest global AV systems integrator and a leader in high-impact audiovisual solutions for nearly 50 years. With our proven process and experienced team of command and control center experts, we’ve successfully moved dozens of these projects from initial concept to final implementation.


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